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Mold Making

Mold Services  
We run the latest version of MasterCam 3D CAD/CAM software for design and machining. We can import file types from a wide variety of other design software. Our in-house tooling department allows us to offer complete service to our customers. Whether you need new tooling, re-furbishing or design and engineering changes, we will help you keep your projects on schedule, while maintaining tooling investment. 

From low cost aluminum molds to high volume production molds and anything in between, we have the expience, capability, and equiptment to build a mold that fits your needs while being cost effective. 





Here at Big Valley Molds, we can:

Tyco Mold
• From your CAD file, machine a prototype or provide a 3D printed part.    
• Build your custom plastic injection molds and manufacture your plastic parts.    
• Take your existing molds and manufacture your plastic parts     
• Perform repairs, engineering changes and maintenance on your molds.    
• Assemble your product.    
• Warehouse & ship your finished product directly to your customer.