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Injection Molding


Is your current supplier giving you parts that have the strength, appearance and overall consistent quality you expect?

Our injection molding machines incorporate the latest technology in process control, allowing us to mold to tight tolerances and consistent quality.

If your parts require engineering resins, we’ve got you covered. Our desiccant dryers remove moisture from plastic resins prior to processing to obtain the best performance and appearance characteristics for your parts. We further verify that the moisture levels are within optimum range with our moisture analyzing lab equipment.

Further process controls include mold temperature control. Our equipment will maintain the temperature of the mold at optimum temperature to reduce molded-in stress and surface defects while gaining the most strength in your parts at the best possible cycle time.

We believe in the philosophy that newer equipment is more economical than buying cheaper, older, less efficient and less dependable machines. Our rates are competitive because of fewer breakdowns and fewer rejects.  What this means to you is that you get more consistent and acceptable quality parts per hour and deliveries when you need them.

We have:

  • 11 Injection Molding presses ranging from 35 ton clamp-1 oz. shot to 500 ton clamp-60 oz. shot capacity.
  • A full complement of auxiliary equipment-mold heaters and chillers, desiccant dryers, foil stamping, sonic vibration welders.



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